Youngseo Jung (b.1994) is a contemporary painter based in South Korea with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Youngseo started to paint Cream Cat in 2022.

Cream Cat represents Youngseo’s memories as a child, a reflection of hidden emotions and the illustration of a vulnerable side. 

This generation is used to textless communication and expressions. In our childhood, we learned gestures from TV Cartoons, fables, and tales which later got replaced by emojis that taught us a different way of communicating with each other. It changed the way we express our feelings and thoughts as we can always hide our real gestures. 

The Cream Cat – somehow faceless – seems to be saying that the resonance often comes from what is kept within. Feelings and emotions usually can be read off the face but the laid-back drips on Cream Cat’s face are a defence that melts and hold the most personal times and feelings secure. The surroundings are mandatory for Youngseo’s work of art because if you look closely at all details you might find the answer. Jung’s works are witty, fun, interesting and open to interpretation.


August 2022 - CON summer edition group show

November 2022 - FLEE AUCTION

December 2022 - Solo Show with CON


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'On This Rainy Day'

acrylic on canvas
'Later That Night' (2022)

Acrylic on canvas
'The Creamy Moment'(2022)

Acrylic on canvas

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